Major accomplishments and awards include:

Packaging Association of Canada
awards for Design Excellence.

Gold Award:

  • Colonial Cookies, metallized cookie package

Silver Awards:

  • Halo Shampoo and Hair Conditioner

  • Irish Spring deodorants and anti-perspirants, including carton and bottle constructional design.

  • Colgate family soaps multi packs.

  • McCormicks candies family assortment line.

  • International Design recognition with Colgate Palmolive for the design of many products which were adopted by many other countries such as: Germany, England, South America, Mexico and Jamaica.

  • Heritage Coffee Portion Pack - Design Brascan Coffee Inc.

  • A & P Cheese Singles

  • Black Diamond Cheese

  • Lewis Bread-Lewis Bakeries - Consumer Pkgs.

  • Shopsy Cocktail Weiners - Design Shopsy's Foods Ltd. and Canada Foils

  • Hot Rod Dried Beef Sausage Stick - JM Schneider Ltd. Merchandising Award

  • Jet Sponges - Design

  • Pillsbury Poppin Fresh pastry - Container-Spiral wound design

  • McCormick’s peanut brittle

  • Charms candy
Plus over 70 gold and silver awards for design excellence, flexible packaging and product development.

Creation of Corporate Images:

  • Shoppers Drug Mart

  • McCormick's Canada

  • Dare Foods

  • Sunland Cookie Company

  • Farewell Studios

  • And many more...

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